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Standard License

With users, you're in the 1-50 Users Standard License Tier. Proxy will cost you as little as
$ per user during normal Business Hours. You probably spend more on coffee than that!

Nice, you qualify for a Micro-License!

So for your users, we’ll bill $/month


Save money when you pay in advance.


Flexibility has its costs... namely, higher fees. You can pay quarterly in advance on just a one year term, but you’ll have to pay a premium for this option.


Cool. We'll bill you annually in advance. That's the standard. And hey, I'm just a calculator, but between you and me, you could save some real dough if you select a longer term.


Now we're talking. You have chosen a two year term. You'll save 5% on your monthly subscription fees. That's $ a year! Go buy yourself something nice!

PS - If you choose a three year term, you could save yourself $ per year! That's enough to buy yourself two nice somethings!


Yes! Discounts: maximized! With a three year term, you will save 10% on your monthly subscription fees. That will save you $ a year! Go buy yourself something REALLY nice... and maybe take the rest of the day off. We'll cover for you.

Hosting Options

We’re flexible here at Proxy, which is why we let you select the right hosting option for you.

Your Server

Whoever said 'sharing is caring' wasn't talking about cloud infrastructure. In a multi-tenant environment, you'll share servers with other Proxy customers, but we won't co-mingle your data. It’s like when you had that studio apartment after college! Just less dirty.

If you have a large number of users, consider a dedicated server. You won't have to share resources with other Proxy customers; your environment will be totally dedicated to your company.

This option includes up to 500GB of storage, with $50 per each additional 100 GB.

Your Server

With this option, we’ll hook you up with a dedicated AWS environment serving only your organization. You'll get all the power and security of Amazon's data centers and platform, and all the awesomeness of Proxy on top of it. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too. Why wouldn’t you be able to? It’s your cake.

This option includes up to 500GB of storage, with $50 per each additional 100 GB.

Your Server

Did you know three of our founders work for a law firm named after Bill Gates' father? We think Microsoft is pretty cool too. With this option, you'll get a dedicated Azure instance and all the power and security that comes with it.

This option includes up to 500GB of storage, with $50 per each additional 100 GB.

Your Server

OK, you take this whole cloud infrastructure thing seriously. We get it, so do we. With the Secure Private Cloud option, you will get a dedicated, secure, and customizable private cloud environment provided by our partner, INAP.

This option includes up to 500GB of storage, with $50 per each additional 100 GB.

Your Server

Proxy is designed and built as a cloud service, but if you want to bring things in-house, that’s cool with us. It'll just take some work, so give us a call and we’ll iron out the details.


Proxy is simple, straightforward, and intuitive, which is why we’ve made training completely optional. All Proxy licenses include up to two, one-hour remote training sessions with your users, at no additional cost.

Prefer on-site training? No problem—Proxy offers hands-on, on-site training for all of your users, for a flat fee of $2,500.

A little help

You’ve selected on-site training for a flat fee of $2,500. We’ll dispatch one or more of our very best trainers to any location you choose (within the continental United States) to train your users on all things Proxy.

A little help

We’re good with two remote sessions.

You’ve selected not to add any on-site training. That’s fine—you’ve still got two one-hour training sessions (plus our excellent Support packages, if you ever need any help).


Proxy offers three support packages, but no matter which one you pick, we’ve got your back.

Never get stuck

Monthly: $

$ per business hour

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